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We work with a team of professional teachers, mostly native speakers. We know their qualities, their methodology and their approach very well – that’s why we can find the best match for all types of requests.

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Interactive teaching method

The teachers at our language school in Prague use brand new teaching methods based strongly on communication and alternate different types of activities during their lessons, such as reading, listening, speaking grammar explanations, writing, learning through games and watching videos. They prepare every lesson thoroughly and follow a syllabus for each level so you can improve the language you learn in a regular and balanced way. They all speak English fluently and some of them can even hold classes in other languages, such as Spanish and Italian.  

Click here to listen to the words of Geti, one of our teachers, in this short introduction video

Meet our team

The teachers at our language school in Prague will provide you with professional tutoring and lead you step by step throughout your learning experience. You will learn the vocabulary and grammar suitable for your level and improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Moreover, they are also able to adapt their methodology according to the students’ needs. Since we know personally our teachers very well, we strive to find the right match between students and teacher taking into account the students’ needs and the teacher’s qualities. Would you also like to get to know them? Check out their profiles! 

Ahoj I’m Linda!

I like teaching languages because it makes me very happy to see my students smiling when they are starting to understand in a foreign language and they see that it works. Teaching for me means to get to know new people, new cultures and learn something new every day so that I never have a boring job.

I love the sun, sea and beach, yoga, dancing, and traveling, but also like skiing and learning languages.

Ahoj, my name is Anna!

In my free time, I like to walk in the forest and drink beer, like all Czech people 

The moment I love most while teaching is when students understand a concept, a word, an expression: the so-called ‘Aha! moment’.

Bonjour, I am Caroline!

n my teaching career I have probably taught 400 students or even more, it’s hard to say. My hobbies include archery, beekeeping, biking, traveling, cooking and reading. My favorite parts of teaching are social and cultural exchanges, sharing knowledge and making friends.

Hallo, I am Dragana!

Besides teaching German language I’ve also written a textbook for learning Serbian as a foreign language. I like spending my free time with my friends and my dog Charlie, experimenting with new recipes – I love to cook and even more to eat – and I’m a compulsive film and series freak. Languages and classic literature are my passion. Before becoming a teacher, I used to be a professional translator and interpreter, and I still love the challenge of a translation – the eternal quest of finding the perfect equivalent in the target language.

My favourite moment while teaching is when I see the little light bulbs appearing over the heads of my students, also known as the eureka effect.

Hi, I am Meredith!

I’ve had over 30 private students in my career until now. In my free time I love to travel, play sports, read and study languages. 

The best thing about teaching for me is the opportunity to speak with new people from many different cultures and backgrounds. I like being able to connect with each student individually and make them feel confident when speaking in English.

Ciao, I am Marco!

I have taught more than 300 students from all over the world. I enjoy creating music, I like reading and I love surfing.

I perceive teaching as a form of sharing; it is a continuous interchange of ideas, experience and knowledge, which enriches both teacher and student.

Hola, I’m Adrià!

Since the start of my teaching career I have taught more than 100 students on three different continents. I like to travel, meet new people, play football, read novels and write stories.

In my opinion, every language is a different conception of the world influenced by the environment and the culture of a particular area. I love to show the mindset of my native languages and learn from other cultures by interacting with them.

Olá, I am Gonçalo!

I’m bilingual in Portuguese and English and in my life I’ve lived in many countries, such as England, Portugal, China and Korea. I enjoy traveling, walking in the forest and meeting new people.

I love interacting with students and helping them improve their communicative skills.

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Students need and deserve our best efforts and our best educators.

Students need and deserve our best efforts and deserve our most qualified, passionate and experienced teachers to make their learning experience unique and effective. If you’re interested in joining our teachers’ team, please send us your CV and cover letter.