Language Atelier Philosophy

About Us

With over 12 years of experience, Language Atelier offers high quality language services thanks to a careful selection of teachers and translators and to a professional, efficient and accommodating approach with clients.

Why choose our Language Atelier

Language Atelier is a school entirely based on the expats’ needs. The members of our team are also expats living in Prague for several years, that’s why we are able to understand  their needs, accommodate their requests and  give the adequate support, in order to make them feel at ease.

Listen to the words of the owner Lorenzo in the short introduction video we prepared for you.

Our Philosophy​

Our main goal is the client’s satisfaction. Therefore, we consider carefully each request in order to fulfill their wishes and provide the best language service.


Maximum competence, flexibility and helpfulness

Our aim is to provide the best language services in order to fully satisfy clients’ needs; we always take everyone’s requirements into consideration and do our best to accommodate all requests or to suggest alternative solutions. We’re also happy to discuss customers’ feedback and suggested improvements for our language school. 


Friendly atmosphere for an expat-friendly school

As we are also part of the Prague expat community, our aim is to welcome everyone in a friendly way and to make them feel at home in our language school. From time to time we organise events in order for you to meet our Language Atelier community and have some fun together. Check out our events here


Professional and motivated team

We boast a team of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, translators and tour guides. Thanks to regular and direct communication between the management, our team members and our clients, we’re always ready to give support and help.

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