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Check our events that summon up our multicultural expat’s community.

Occasionally we organize school parties where we are delighted to meet our expats community.

Check out our events that attract our multicultural expat community. Occasionally we organise school parties where we are delighted to meet Prague’s vibrant expat community. It’s a good opportunity for an informal get-together, where our students from different countries all over the world and various cultures can meet Language Atelier’s team and our teachers outside of the school. It’s also a good opportunity for the students to practise the language they’re learning. In fact, once students learn together in small groups like at Language Atelier, there’s also a chance for them to become good friends, and even with the teachers 🙂 At our events we provide some basic drinks and refreshments and everyone is welcome to invite friends since we like these events to be open for everyone.  

Please check out our previous events to have a clearer idea of what our events look like:


We’re glad to present to you our partnership with Some like it Czech

We’re proud to present to you our partnership with Some like it Czech, a cycle of Czech movies screened monthly in the historical cinema Aero in Zizkov in original language with English subtitles.

At every screening the organisers invite a special guest to present the movie with a short introduction and they also prepare a special drink for the night somehow related to the selected movie. Sometimes they also organise other side activities, like the classical game tombola. It’s a great opportunity to practise your listening skills in the Czech language and to explore in greater depth the Czech culture and the mentality and habits of Czech people – that’s why we highly recommend you check it out, or even better,
Czech it out :-).

Some of the main topics of previous screenings include, for example, beer and breweries, the passion of the Czechs for winter sports and the wild post-revolution period in the 1990s. You could take a look at some previous editions of this cycle below and check the programme by clicking on this link.

Language Atelier is one of the official sponsors of this interesting and entertaining event!