Language Courses

Discover our wide offer of Language Courses, different foreign languages courses all year-round. We offer both in presence (Prague city Center) and online language courses. If you don’t find the one which fits to your need contact us!


The Languages we teach

We provide an extensive range of language courses available both in Prague and online, all year-round. Our offer includes group language courses, personalised individual courses, courses designed for businesses training, and a variety of other learning options. Our approach emphasises modern and dynamic teaching methods.


You can choose between language courses AT OUR SCHOOL in Prague or ONLINE

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Small groups for more effective learning both at OUR SCHOOL and ONLINE

Are you a fan of group activities, conversations, and language games? Looking to meet new people while enhancing your Prague experience? Look no further! Our language school offers small group courses (3 to 6 students) designed to swiftly enhance your language skills. Our program focuses on improving communication in the target language.


Learn at your own pace with a one-to-one language course - improve faster

Seeking rapid language improvement with personalised guidance? Opt for an individual course at our Prague language school. Tailored to your specific needs, including program, schedule, frequency, and location, these courses ensure effective progress. Ideal for those aiming for swift improvement, our experienced teachers craft customised programs for each student.

Customised language courses. A group of adult learning languages in Prague


We design customised language courses for you.

Have a friend who shares your language learning goals, but haven't found the perfect course yet? Let us create a tailored solution for you. Simply provide us with your course preferences, and we'll design the ideal program. Learning a language with a partner or friend can be more enjoyable, and we're committed to ensuring you both have a fantastic experience. Join us at our Prague language school or have one of our experienced teachers come to your office or home.

This is how our group
classes look like!

If you are a business or a corporate

Day & Time of the Course
Venue of the Course
Your Ideal Teacher
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All our face-to-face courses take place in our cosy classrooms in the historical center of Prague at the address Týnská 21, Prague 1 and are English friendly – teacher can explain everything in English in addition to the target language

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