Translation Services

Translation of Texts / Web Pages / Documents / Certificates

Translation services and interpretation

At our language school based in Prague we work strictly with professional translators who have many years of experience in translating texts and documents written in general style, technical and also legal language. We ensure that the text to translate is processed by reliable translators who maintain its absolute confidentiality and complete it by the agreed deadline. Before sending the final translation, we provide a final check to detect possible format changes, or typing errors.

We offer accurate and efficient translation and interpreting services from / into the following languages:

Translation Services

Here is the list of all our translation services:


Standard Translation

Texts with general contents


Technical Translation

Texts or documents with technical terms of a particular field, e.g. instruction manuals, detailed descriptions of a particular activity, medical certificates, etc.


Legal Translation

Legal documents, contracts, attorney letters



Correction of a text by a native speaker.


Sworn Translation

The translator has to be registered in the Official Register of Translators (Seznam soudních tlumočníků). The translation will be bound to the official document with the translator’s stamp and signature.

Interpreting Services

The interpreters that work for Language Atelier offer a helping hand to guide customers smoothly through business meetings, seminars, and/or presentations. Language Atelier interpreters in business meetings and presentations ensure successful communication of data and information.

There are 2 classical interpreting methods we can offer:


Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter translates before the speaker stops his/her speech.


Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter takes notes during the speaker’s speech and after it, he/she reproduces the whole speech or concept in the target language.